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Just ‘cause you’re blood, don’t mean you’re family. You gotta earn that.

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FUCK. You know all this time I’ve thought that line was ‘I’VE gotten over trying to label me’ - like Cas had given up trying to fit in to any human conceptions for future!Dean’s benefit, because no matter what he tried to be it didn’t help future!Dean accept him any better.

But WE. The official line is WE’D gotten over??? 

Like… maybe future!Dean had finally overcome some of his own issues by accepting Cas didn’t fit his labels of man/superman/angel/human/brother/friend… and, maybe, realised sometimes a label doesn’t even matter, that he and Cas can just love each other and fuck it if anatomically they are the same, that’s not what’s important? Like, maybe they ‘got over’ trying to label Cas like that?

Damn it, Dean. I know you think all of that future was MESSED UP and to be avoided at all costs. But not that part! That part your future self got right! You’re allowed to get over arbitrary labels, that’s okay!

 #cos Dean you know what?#you don’t have to be manly all the time to be a man#and you don’t have to be weak or camp or effeminate to be a guy who likes guys#you don’t have to be gay to be a guy who likes guys either#you don’t even have to like guys if you like a guy even#you can still be you and be in love with Cas is what I’m saying#do you understand?!#Dean Winchester’s denial#Dean/Cas is so OTP it HURTS#just TALK to each other you’ll see you’re perfect together please boys dear god. (via littlehollyleaf)

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I think this is probably the most powerful Dean-Cas scene in the entire series. At this point, Castiel has lost everything: His true family, his powers, his true form … everything he once had, all the traits that characterized who he was are gone. But in this scene, you can see that the loss that pains him most is “his” Dean. Maybe with Dean, he could have made it, but Dean too cracked when Sam said yes, and Castiel buried himself in drugs, women and sarcasm, hiding behind the mask of some strange kind of hippie guru.

But then, Dean - 2014!Dean who stopped caring about anyone long ago - asks him to be part of a suicide mission, and Cas agrees. But when he says “of course”, he’s looking at 2009!Dean, and it’s like he’s saying: “Look, whatever you become - whatever I become - one thing will never change. I will always love you and if you ask me to die for you, I will.”

In a way, this is one of the few prerequisites about Cas the writers never touched: Even in season 7, it’s all about Dean for him. What he did, he did because of Dean, and when he was about to die, his only concern was Dean. Dean, Dean, always Dean.

And though Dean will never love Cas the way Cas loves him, this doesn’t change a thing about his feelings. No matter how badly Dean treats him, how much he defies their friendship, Castiel keeps on loving him as if it’s the sole purpose of his entire existence.

So Cas is definitely right: It’s what you might call a tragedy from the human perspective …


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